Paris Hilton invites you to celebrate the New Year with her - at Roblox

Paris Hilton invites you to celebrate the New Year with her - at Roblox

Three years ago, we had a New Year’s Eve at Fortnite with Ninja’s 12-hour stream in Times Square. To some, the event was funny even before it happened, and when it happened then it was even funnier. Unfortunately, we will not have such episodes this year, but that is why we will in METAVERZUM.

Don't know where to go for New Year's Eve? Are you afraid of infection? No worries, celebrity icon Paris Hilton is organizing a big party - in virtual form. In the creative game Roblox, the island of Paris World was created, where Paris Hilton will perform as a DJ for the old year and play electronic music to all visitors.

Visitors to the island will be able to see a replica of the Hilton Villa in Beverly Hills, visit her yacht, or take a walk along the promenade where they will learn all about her recent dream wedding. Of course, all this will be charged, and if you have money to burn, you can also buy virtual clothes from Hilton's fashion line.

Hilton explained to Reuters that she came up with the idea of ​​Paris World to give fans through the digital world what they would not otherwise be able to experience in real life.

"Not everyone can experience world travel, so we've been working for the last year to give my fans through the digital world all my inspiration and what I want in that world." Said Heathlon.

Behind the scenes of this wonderful post is a somewhat controversial story that Reuters does not mention. Namely, Paris World has launched in Roblox two months ago and this is not the first time that Paris Hilton performs as a DJ in virtual form. What is controversial throughout the story is that the community of Roblox players quickly noticed that Paris World is made up of free models.

This in itself is not controversial - even though the creation of a multimillionaire charge for activities in a world composed of free and publicly available "blocks". What is controversial is that some of the models used in Paris World were hacked two months ago and teleported players to completely different games. Because of all this, Hilton's first concert failed and Paris World was quickly closed to the public.

Whether these problems will be corrected by the New Year's party with Paris remains to be seen.

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