Metro 2033 - On this day

Metro 2033 - On this day

The post-apocalyptic series Metro has emerged as one of the best shooting series of the last decade. It all started with the first game on this day 12 years ago. Then we got Metro 2033 - an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

The game was supposed to be called Metro: The Last Refuge, and it was supposed to be an open-ended shooter, like Stalker. However, in the end, we got a linear FPS, but one that was enchanted with its graphic details and brought us an incredibly atmospheric depiction of the Russian underworld after the apocalypse.

In the Metro, we met the protagonist Artyom, who was researching the appearance of strange mutants in the company of rangers. The gameplay came down to shooting mutants but also surviving by changing the gas mask filter. The game used a minimalist interface and placed most of the information, such as compass guidelines, on Artyom's own hands.

A special plot in Metro 2033 was that ammunition was at the same time the currency used to buy other things. The hidden system of morality was also specific. The story could thus end in two different ways, depending on how the player treated the human opponents in the game. If he decided to hide and get around them, he could get a positive ending. However, the negative end remained the canon for the continuation of the story. 

Metro 2033 originally appeared on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 platforms. It was quite a demanding game on the PC, but also a graphically impressive game. The reactions of the players were positive, so three years later we welcomed the sequel to Metro Last Light. In 2014, the game received its remaster called Metro 2033 Redux and appeared on PS4 and XBO consoles.

Based on the success of the game, a film adaptation of the Metro series was also planned. However, the author of the series did not like the attempts to Americanize the script, so he stopped collaborating and turned to the Russian film industry. The film was supposed to start production in 2020, but it seems that nothing came of it in the end.

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