In the Strategy Game Line War, we Issue Orders by Drawing

In the strategy game Line War, we issue orders by drawing

Innovative, different, something out of the mold - we are always glad to see when new titles come. The upcoming online strategy Line War will try to interest fans of strategies from 5 May with a different approach to controlling units, ie issuing orders.

Instead of the classic click, here we will have to draw shapes on the map for the units to do what we envisioned on the strategic plane. It sounds like an interesting concept especially since the focus here will be on the military and not on individual units. Thus, by drawing lines along the battlefield, armies can be sent to attack, arranged in defensive positions, and the like.

Of course, the drawing orders will be able to be combined to conquer the enemy territories more efficiently, and a diverse range of units will help in that plan. This includes ground, air, and naval, and emphasis is placed on design so that we should not get lost in a sea of different armies when we want to choose the one we need.

Also, the emphasis is on strategy so Line War will not require as much mouse action in as short a time as possible. That is, we will be greeted by macro RTS problems, not microelements that we should pay attention to. Planning and executing the strategy are in the foreground.

As it is an RTS title, we will be greeted by gathering resources, building buildings, and conquering territories. Maps should be procedurally generated so every online conflict will be different. Will the visual approach to issuing orders be interesting enough to players? It remains to be seen because Line War will have no campaign but will live off the team fighting over the wire.

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