Pirates and Outlaws Arrived in No Man’s Sky

Pirates and Outlaws Arrived in No Man’s Sky

But Man’s Sky continues with its regular updates. The first major expansion in 2022 arrived less than two months ago, and the emphasis was on greater action and fiercer fighting. Now it's time to break the law and gather your squadron.

The Outlaws update to No Man’s Sky has included renegade galaxies where players can find stations where the main theme is the smuggling of valuables. Players can also join space pirates in illegal actions, but the Sentinel should beware. As smuggling has increased with this update, they will now inspect ships and their pilots more thoroughly. The same as the defense can find the so-called Cargo Probe Deflectore, devices that will serve as countermeasures to Sentinel sensors. 

Outlaw ships can attack players if they oppose them, and space warfare has improved and improved accordingly. The main loop of new space battles is conducted based on high risk and great reward. To make things even more interesting, players can now recruit AI pilots they encounter in space travel to their squadron. They will follow you on each of your adventures and help you in battles, and you can invite them to fly with your information.

Outlaws have also added solar ships and new high-tech spacecraft that can be found throughout space. They bring with them a unique technology, available only to them, and they are extremely efficient and adaptable to various situations.

Outlaws arrived at No Man’s Sky yesterday, and exactly all the changes and fixes that have come into play can be seen on the official website of this title.

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