Warzone 2100 - On This Day

Warzone 2100 - On This Day

Today, the term Warzone is almost synonymous with Call of Duty, but 23 years ago, Warzone was a futuristic-themed strategy game. It took us towards the end of the 21st century and almost towards the end of humanity, which was almost wiped off the planet Earth by nuclear attacks. A group called The Project sought to establish order and stability, both differently than using military technology.

Warzone 2100 was one of the early RTS games to take advantage of the 3D environment. He highlighted several specific ideas, such as emphasizing the radar system and the possibility of modifying vehicles that served as units in the game. It was also very informative in terms of technological development with over 400 different technologies that could be unlocked.

Warzone 2100 achieved solid success on the PC and a little less on the PlayStation. However, support for the game was discontinued the following year, and soon after that the studio responsible for Warzone 2100 collapsed. Fortunately, fans of the game jumped in and started doing unofficial updates for it.

Fans' love for the game lasted until 2003 when publishers Eidos Interactive were asked to access the game's source code. Miraculously, they got the code and Warzone 2100 has become an open-source game since the end of 2004. Development has continued to this day, and the game can be found for free on several platforms. From 2020, it is also available on Steam, although it is an unofficial version that does not work that the community does not update.

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