Kingdom Hearts 4 has been announced

Kingdom Hearts 4 has been announced


Kingdom Hearts 3 served as a kind of locked long series in which even the biggest fans didn’t know who was drinking and who was paying. But - it's not over yet! Square Enix revealed today that they are preparing two more games, one of which is Kingdom Hearts 4.

Details are scanty, but a short trailer is shown that reveals how Sora is waking up in a new world called Quadratum. Next to him is the character of Strelitzia, who has already appeared in earlier KH games. The seemingly peaceful place quickly becomes the scene of an epic battle with a dark demon.

Judging by what was seen, the game has a slightly more realistic visual style than the previous parts. Square Enix has said that it has just started to develop, so don't hope that we will play it so soon.

Slightly closer is the second game - the mobile title Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. This one brings us the original story in the world of Scala ad Caelum, and the first testing will start in 2022.

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