Top 12 Best Western Games

Best Western Games

What are the best Western games you should play? This is a question that is not easy to answer. But we will do our best to give you an answer by our selection of the best Western games.

While there are many video game genres to choose from, few can match the appeal of Western games. Shooting, horseback riding, ranches, outlaws, bosses, duels, jailbreaks, bank robberies, fighting Indians, and the opportunity to experience the unique culture of the Wild West are the best reasons why western games are so popular.

Whether you like westerns or not, you can't deny their popularity. In this article, we'll go over our picks for the top 12 best western video games.

Here are the list of best Western games


Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger

Gunslinger's story, or rather the way it is told, deviates quite a bit from the cliche, based almost exclusively on sequential "flashbacks." Namely, the player will get into the boots of a well-known Silas Greaves, a hunter of blackmailed heads (one of the widespread "occupations" at the time) who recounts the adventures of his exciting past to his bar acquaintances. Each story is a sequence of games for the player. So the action will be constantly spiced up with a quality narration of the main character.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is the best textbook example of a true "thoroughbred" shooter, not because of a good story, quality visual effects, innovative gameplay mechanics, or any other component, but because the act of shooting a firearm is an incredibly fun experience often seen. Every shot fired, whether from a revolver, shotgun, or some other authentic weapon, will produce a powerful sonic echo that will resonate in the dusty prairies of the Wild West, and every hit of the unfortunate cowboy will blow a pool of blood. 

Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood - Best Western Games

Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood

Bound by Blood is a first-person shooter in which the western genre is best represented: outlaws, bosses, duels, prison escape, bank robberies, clashes with Indians, etc. Most of the game is performed in a linear structure, but the monotony is broken by the possibility of playing with two different characters.

The possibilities of the game have been expanded thanks to the introduction of a simple economic model by developers. You will be able to get a few bucks while performing common tasks or when killing opponents. With money, you can buy ammunition, equipment, and new weapons. A wide range of weapons is available for purchase, from primitive pistols to powerful machine guns.

Each weapon has its price and parameters, such as the rate of fire and power. The characteristics of each weapon are affected by its condition. The player will not be able to use one gun throughout the game it will wear out and break over time.

You won’t miss out if you play any game in the series except Cartel (because that’s the worst), but if you want a highlight in the story it’s best to experience 2009 Bound in Blood, which is chronological and the beginning of the McCall Brothers story. 

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive - Best Western Games

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive

This is a classic without whose mention I would be ashamed to write this text. The real-time tactical title, similar to Commandos, is superb in its atmosphere because it encompasses almost all the important motifs of the western and does not hesitate to show the motives of slavery and exploitation of women.

The year is 1881. In the area of New Mexico, train robberies carried out by a gang led by the mysterious El Diablo have become more frequent. Due to large financial losses, the railway company Twinnings & Co decides to offer $ 15,000 to catch criminals. Despite the opposition of Federal Marshal Jackson, a blackmailer, John Cooper, accepts the job and decides to gather his team and go hunting for El Diablo. Cooper teams up with Sam, Doc, and his ex-girlfriend, Kate O'Hara, and embarks on a campaign. Along the way, they are joined by Mexican bandit Sanchez and young Chinese Mia Yung.

Desperados 3 - Best Western Games

Desperados 3

Desperados III is a narrative-driven, best challenging tactical stealth game set in the brutal Wild West.

John Cooper will team up with Kate, a runaway bride, Doc McCoy, Hector, the huge trapper, and Isabelle, a fascinating lady from New Orleans. Cooper and his gang travel from rural towns through swamps and riverbanks in their search for forgiveness, culminating in an epic clash worthy of Wild West legends.

Cooper, a drifter, gunslinger, and natural leader, can take out several adversaries with his revolvers or kill them stealthily with a knife. Strongman Hector wields a massive bear trap and can murder even the most formidable foes with his ax. McCoy is a cold-blooded bounty hunter who uses lures, knockout gas, poison injections, and a custom long-range weapon. With the right clothing, Kate can trick almost any male, and she murders discreetly with her hidden gun. Then there's Isabelle, a mystery woman from New Orleans. 

Gun - Best Western Games


Neversoft released Gun, one of the best Wild West games, in 2005. Its initial appeal stemmed from making its debut at a time when the Western open-world game was still a fresh idea.

The story of Gun was created by film writer Randall Jahnson, who is most famous for his work on The Doors and The Mask of Zorro.

Gun is an ambitious game for its time, putting players in an open world populated by outlaws and bandits eager to destroy anyone who gives them a bad look. With his vast side missions and the way he inhabits this universe, Gun stands out.  

Hard West - Best Western Games

Hard West

Hard West takes mechanics from games like XCOM and artistically twists her into something new, making it one of the best strategy games.

The game is split into two distinct modes: turn-based tactical encounters and a strategic exploration map where the player can travel across the world and visit different areas. Simple text panels with static images accompany location visits on the strategic map, allowing the player to take action by selecting entries from a list.

Players can interact with characters, conduct a range of custom activities, hire new characters into the player character's posse, and engage in trade or battle in this manner.

Characters can be improved and granted special powers throughout the game, some of which are active and can be utilized instead of moving or firing, while others are passive. Hard West relies on a custom system based on poker cards rather than experience points and skill trees.

The player is awarded unique poker cards that can be allocated to characters and each of which provides a different benefit after each tactical encounter or accomplishing pre-defined tasks on the strategic map.   

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath - Best Western Games

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

The Stranger, the player's character in Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, is tasked with capturing wanted outlaws, dead or alive. Both third and first-person views are used throughout the game.

The stranger is controlled in third-person for long-distance travel, platform jumping, climbing, and combat, while ranged weaponry is employed in first-person. Enemies can be approached directly or by the lure. Enemies can be killed or stunned.

A stranger is susceptible after an attempted capture since he is unable to execute any further activities. There are two status indicators on the player's screen: health and stamina. When Stranger takes damage, his health bar depletes; if it reaches zero, Stranger will die. When the player engages in acts such as melee combat or falls from a considerable height, their stamina is depleted. While it recharges over time, it can be used to shrug off health-bar damage, which heals the player but depletes stamina faster.

Stranger's crossbow, which is utilized in a first-person perspective and uses live ammunition in the form of little creatures as bullets with varying effects, is one of the game's key elements. Live ammunition can be purchased from game vendors or discovered in the game environment. Stunks as gas grenades, Thudslugs as cannonballs, Boombats as rockets, and Stingbees as small bullets can all be assigned to the crossbow once it has been purchased. 

Outlaws - Best Western Games


Outlaws is a first-person shooter and one of the best among older western games. Players control the character as he uses a rifle, shotgun, dynamite, and revolver, among other weapons and equipment from the American Old West. The player can use a shovel to dig holes in particular regions and activate the lantern inventory item to illumine gloomy areas.

The player can suffer many bullet wounds with no apparent adverse consequences in the lower difficulty levels, referred to as Good and Bad. The player's resistance is decreased to one or two shots in the hardest difficulty level, Ugly.

Outlaws include a collection of five distinct missions that chart Anderson's ascension to the position of U.S. Marshal in addition to the main single-player game. Anderson must either catch or kill a certain outlaw in each mission. Deputy, Sheriff, and Marshal ranks are earned by accumulating a certain number of points. Recovering stolen gold, capturing/killing the outlaw, and killing foes all get you points.

Each bandit captured or killed by the player is placed in a jail cell in Anderson's field office. Capturing an outlaw earns you more points than murdering one. 

Red Dead Redemption - Best Western Games

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is a game to remember, and it's perhaps the best GTA clone in sandbox gaming history. If you have even a superficial interest in action games, you should never allow yourself to miss this. The story of John Marston, a former outlaw from whom the federal government kidnaps a woman and a child and imposes a quest to find and capture members of his former gang, is set at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Wild West is counting down its last days, civilization and the railroad have spread across the North American continent, and the last remnants of the wild border, lawlessness, and romantic revolt exist only in the far south.

The giant sandbox zone that Rio Bravo divides into the American and Mexican halves is an environment that is not an urban environment for the first time for a game made by Rockstar: ranches and wooden towns scattered across the prairie and desert, rolling bushes, distorted rock formations, forests and cougars, cacti, macchia, herds of buffalo and mustangs and the occasional mail carriage make up the most compelling virtual miles we've ever seen. The quality of the visual presentation is simply amazing. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Best Western Games

Red Dead Redemption 2

The story is set in 1899 in the western, midwestern, and southern United States. The protagonist of the story is the outlaw Arthur Morgan, who is a member of the Van der Linde gang. Arthur has to face the collapse of the Wild West while at the same time facing government forces, rival gangs, and other opponents. At the end of the game, he meets John Marston, who is the main character of the game Red Dead Redemption.

The game can be played in the third and first-person, and the player is allowed to move freely through the vast open world. The gameplay consists of a handful of elements, so the player can participate in shootings, rob, go hunting, and horseback riding, and it is possible to interact with many main and supporting characters.

An important new element is the part of the player's character within the game that depends on his choices and actions as the action progresses. In this title, there is a kind of "wanted" system that works on a similar principle as in the Grand Theft Auto franchise - the more illegal and criminal acts a player does, the more he will be demanded by law enforcement agencies and bounty hunters. It can be said that Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best western game ever. 

Red Dead Revolver - Best Western Games

Red Dead Revolver

Orphaned by robbers and left to die at the border, Red Harlow grew up with a scar on his arm and a thirst for revenge in his heart. Surviving as a bounty hunter in the harsh Old West, Red is always on the lookout for a clue that could lead him to the people who killed his father and mother - and then one day that clue appears. Step into Red's boots with spurs and embark on his mission of revenge.

The game features gun duels against certain character bosses in the form of a mini-game mechanic where you measure your draw to the right moment and prepare targets by raising your gun. There is also a multiplayer game (split screen only, not online) that you can play with friends and / or AI bots. The multiplayer mode includes a wide range of bonuses, an alternative duel calculation mode, and two types of additional poker raises (stud-based or Texas Hold'em-based) that mix strategy with action. 

While there is no open world in the game, players can freely wander the little town of Brimstone between levels and engage with NPCs. Players primarily control bounty hunter Red Harlow throughout the story, but they also have the option of controlling other characters such as English trick-shooter Jack Swift, rancher Annie Stoakes, Mexican Army General Javier Diego, Red's Native American cousin Shadow Wolf, and an African American soldier known only as of the "Buffalo Soldier" in certain levels. Red's revolver, Jack's dual pistols, and Shadow Wolf's bow and arrow are among the playable characters' distinctive weapons.

SteamWorld Dig 2 - Best Western Games

SteamWorld Dig 2

SteamWorld Dig is a 2D platform game centered around resources and mining. The goal of the game is to explore the mines beneath the old Western town of Tumbleton to uncover the secrets that lie beneath. The player takes control of Rusty, a steam-powered robot with a pickaxe and the ability to acquire a range of tools, including a drill and dynamite.

In this game, the player can run, jump and fight with enemies, but the main goal is to mine. That is, the player constructs the world of the game and platform in this way. The player collects ores and resources that can be returned to the surface and exchanged for money. New powers are unlocked as the player goes through the game.

As the player progresses deeper into the cave will come across a variety of monsters with diverse attack patterns and weak places. There are numerous subterranean worlds in the game, each with its unique environment. When a player dies, they must pay a restoration fee and respawn on the surface. When a player dies, all of the loot he or she has accumulated can be picked up again. 

Those are the best Wild West games to be found. I hope you like our selection. If you have a favorite Western game, feel free to write in the comment section.

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