The PS5 won't allow memory expansion with SSD after the console exits

If you planned to put an extra SSD in the PS5 right after you get the console in your hands - you won’t be lucky. It is better to wait a little longer…

One of the things we were looking forward to when Sony announced the PlayStation 5 was the ability to expand the internal memory with an additional SSD. However, Sony has confirmed that you will not be able to do this immediately upon arrival of the console and that this is not currently possible. More on that below.
For now, forget about expanding the internal memory

The problem that arose was the following - the PS5 will have an 885 GB drive, of which 667 GB will be usable. Although at first, it seems like a lot of space, it is not so. So players hoped to be able to put in an extra drive of 500 or more GB so they could have a bunch of games they want to play installed at the same time.

Although a "teardown video" demonstrated that an additional SSD could be "inserted", it was now said that the slot in question would not be usable. At least not yet. However, in the future, Sony will allow the addition of an extra disc.


When will the internal memory be able to expand?

Honestly - we do not know the answer to this question. Sony may allow upgrades a few months after the console hits the market, and may not allow them for the next year. It is a mystery to which we will wait for an answer for some time to come.

Another problem is that the video shows that so far no commercial drive is fast enough, neither the M.2 SSDs fit in the console, nor are they “PS5 compatible”. So there will probably be “special” PS5-compatible M.2 SSDs that can be put in the console. Even if you buy an M.2 SSD now, you won't be able to "push" it into the slot.



Don't worry, there is a "temporary" solution

If you want to add more space to the PlayStation 5, this is still possible. If you are happy with adding an external drive. You just need to connect the drive to your console and use it to save games. That external memory will work the same as on PS 4. There is no difference and nothing special needs to be done about it. However, we recommend that you connect “faster” discs to the PS5 because if your disc is slow, you could have game performance issues.

If you don’t like this solution, then all you have left is the option to have a couple of games to play on the SSD that comes with the console and that’s it. When you get bored with those games, delete them and install new ones.

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