It Takes Two is currently the top rated game in 2021!

It Takes Two top rated game

On Metacritic, the average rating for It Takes Two for the PlayStation 5 is 90 after 23 reviews. Thus, the game is, at least for now, the only title from 2021 with a grade point average in the 90 / Must Play category. Or in an even better perspective: behind the game is the publishing house Electronic Arts, and their games in the Metacritic 90+ category failed to stay for nine years - from Fife 13 and Mass Effect 3.

As for the situation at OpenCritic, It Takes Two currently has an average rating of 88, which is not a prestigious category like 90+, but even with that average, it is the best-rated game from 2021 so far.

It Takes Two has an upgrade for the next-gen console as well as a Friend Pass option

Friends Pass means that whether you’re playing remotely or on a LAN, you’ll only need to purchase one copy of It Takes Two. "If you're playing on the couch," Fares says, "and you're playing with a friend for free, it should be the same for you if you're playing online. It wouldn't be fair, just because your friend can't play with you on the couch, yes this person has to pay double the price. From that perspective, the Friends Pass came out, because it makes sense, it's a logical decision. "

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