Halo Infinite for PC will have support for 32: 9 monitors

Halo Infinite for PC will have support for 32: 9 monitors

It sounds weird, but Halo Infinite will indeed be the first game in its long-running series to hit both Xbox consoles and the PC platform at the same time. With that in mind, Microsoft's 343 Industries has a special branch that deals with the PC version to make it a "first-class PC experience." Part of the plans in that process was explained on the official blog.

It was discovered that the game will have an adjustable FOV, ie the ability to choose the width of the field of view. The setting will go up to 120 degrees, which will apply to all versions of the game (both PC and Xbox). But what will be specific to the PC version is the support for wide monitors, and here, in addition to monitors with a 21: 9 aspect ratio, we are also talking about ultra-wide 32: 9 format monitors. Given that support for 21: 9 monitors are rare in games, it is a pleasant surprise that the team is thinking beyond that. Otherwise, it will be full broadband support - for menus, gameplay, cutscenes, etc.

Halo Infinite for PC 32:9

The game will have the option of creating private LAN matches that will be playable regardless of the version (Microsoft Store, Steam (). Although players on the Xbox and PC will be able to play together, competitive play in ranked modes will be divided according to what players use to control the game.

This way the players will be grouped and will play together / against players who only play with the mouse or keyboard, or the controller. On the PC, Halo Infinite will have support for both but ranked matchmaking will be separate according to what is used.

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