Someone is finally working on an uncensored Resident Evil called RE: True Director’s Cut

If you are planning to return to the Resident Evil series these days and want to start from the beginning, it would be wise to play the HD remaster from 2015. But if you want a raw experience of the original game, as it looked 25 years ago, here is interesting news.

Resident Evil: True Director’s Cut - an unofficial patch for the PlayStation 1 version of the original game - came out last month. It is a patch that for the first time allows players to experience an uncensored and complete version of Resident Evil without having to play the game in Japanese.

Namely, although the first RE received several releases for PS1, only the Japanese one was completely uncensored. These were some minor changes - e.g. the introductory animation of the game in versions for western markets was shorter and a little less explicit in terms of violence. Some scenes in the gameplay were also arranged differently, and it’s a real mystery why those little things never came to life outside of the Japanese version.

But a modder nicknamed Deli295 made an effort to switch the specifics of the Japanese version of Resident Evil to the Dual Shock version for the Western market. A small thing, but no one has made it in 25 years.

You can download the patch provided by the uncensored Resident Evil here. Of course, to register it, you will need the above-mentioned DualShock version of the original Resident Evil for PS1, an emulator, or a modified console. Instructions for reporting the patch can also be found on the official website.

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