The former boss of Call of Duty has become the new boss of Battlefield

The former boss of Call of Duty has become the new boss of Battlefield

Electronic Arts have announced that the team in charge of the Battlefield franchise has been joined by Byron Beede, the man who has managed the Call of Duty series so far. Beede spent almost two decades at Activision Blizzard and spent the last years as a manager of the Call of Duty franchise, whose engagement revived the mega-popular Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty Mobile.

His successful work has been recognized by EA as well, so Beede is now no more and no less than also a manager, who will make sure that the upcoming Battlefield is better than this year's Call of Duty. We already know that EA is also preparing a mobile version of Battlefield announced for 2022, so the need for Mr. Beed is all the more logical and interesting.

Electronic Arts emphasizes that this move "signals a strategic and long-term effort necessary for the further growth of the franchise", referring of course to Battlefield. The former head of Call of Duty will present his results to the founder of Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella, who took the lead over DICE in Los Angeles last year.

With this move, EA seems to have the perfect recipe to get Battlefield back in shape, which he admitted failed to sell in the 2018 Battlefield 5 case. On the other hand, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare alongside Warzone achieved record results a year later, while former EA CEO Andrew Wilson commented that a possible problem with BF5 was that they neglected Firestorm (their infamous battle royale) at the expense of the campaign for one player. Call of Duty: Warzone, therefore, had virtually no competition of its own, which further facilitated Activision's rivalry that has lasted between the two series for years.

Although there is no official confirmation yet that Battlefield 6 will have a battle royale mode, all indications are that it is Beede who will have a great responsibility in creating a worthy competition to Warzone. In the fourth month, DICE announced that the biggest team so far is working on Battlefield 6, so it is not crazy to expect that in addition to the classic and mobile Battlefield, a potential battle royale mode will find its place somewhere. If not already in parallel with the release of the six, then subsequently, as was the case with Warzone.

The official unveiling of Battlefield 6 is scheduled for June 9, when we’ll have more smart information. Or at least we hope so.

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