The Sims 3 - On this day

The Sims 3 - On this day

The Sims
usually had a progressive trajectory with each of their sequels. The second part stepped into a 3D environment, and the third went a step further because there was no more loading between houses in the neighborhood. For the first time, the Sims were free to walk to someone else's door, to the gym, or to the movie theater.

The third part, which came out on this day 12 years ago, also brought a new system of wishes with which one could buy prizes using “life happiness points”. And not only the players but also the computer-controlled Sims chased their luck during the game, which means that the whole neighborhood led some of their lives and nothing was paused with them while playing one household, as in previous games.

In this section, the Sims could be assigned five personality characteristics in the mental, physical, and social aspects of life. Visually, they had multiple segments to modify and highlight, such as putting on tattoos and determining breast size. In terms of clothing and materials, the third part introduced the Create-a-Style tool with which each piece of clothing or furniture could change color or pattern.

It is an interesting fact that The Sims 3 appeared on the Internet before its official release, in an unfinished version that quickly became popular in pirate ports. However, this did not have a bad effect on the sale of the game itself, and The Sims 3 quickly became one of the best-selling games on the PC platform.

Of course, the good earnings of this title were helped by various additions to that expansion. A total of 11 expansions have been launched by 2013, including the supernatural Supernatural, the inevitable Pets, and University Life. In addition, nine so-called Stuff Packs were sold.

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