Netflix plans to insert video games into an existing subscription

Netflix plans to insert video games into an existing subscription

About two months ago, we heard that the company and streaming service Netflix plans to offer its subscription to access the game catalog, similar to what already exists on Xbox, iOS, and Android. Now, Bloomberg reports that Netflix's idea is to incorporate a video game catalog into an existing subscription. This means that by paying a subscription to Netflix, in addition to series and movies, you would also get video games.

Which games and for which platforms - it is not quite clear yet. However, this move would make sense. Netflix has a base of over 200 million subscribers and that number alone could be key to attracting game publishers to collaborate. If Netflix's subscription to video games was separate from the subscription to series and movies, it would be much harder for them to interest both audiences and games.

If Bloomberg's sources are to be believed, Netflix does not plan to charge extra for access to the games, ie to reserve it for a more expensive subscription model. The same source states that the plan is to launch interactive content on Netflix in the next year.

It will be interesting to see how many Netflix subscribers will be interested in video games at all. But at Netflix, they believe that a certain overlap of subscribers and gamers exists, and they’re not the only ones. Amazon has been offering streaming movies, series, and music as part of its Amazon Prime subscription for some time, with additional benefits for gamers on Twitch, such as gift games every month.

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